Communication Analysis in the Illustration of "Temptation and Test" Interpretation of Art Performance Rhythm by Marina Abramovic Analisis Komunikasi Dalam Ilustrasi “Temptation And Test” Interpretasi Art Performance Rhythm Karya Marina Abramovic

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Thomas Hanandry Dewanto


Illustration is communication through pictures. The purpose of the illustration is for story images, as a visual identity. This is useful for representing text, sentences, story scripts, so that the audience can easily digest the text through visuals. Visual form illustration is usually an imagination captured by the artist. The purpose of this study is to find out how the effectiveness of illustration as a medium has an influence on communication. Understand the pattern of interpretation through illustrations of visual understanding. So that in its application it can provide an understanding of cultural values ​​in performances. With illustrations, it is hoped that they will be able to map their functions and roles to provide in-depth knowledge as the use of patterns and characters as imagery. This research method discusses the illustrations that are produced and developed and integrated through the aesthetics of forms, symbols, meanings and functions of art. Using a qualitative approach is used to visualize and describe the reality contained in an image. The result of the research is finding the value of illustration depiction as a strong effort and effort in capturing and responding to illustration as a communication medium in providing views on human behavior adapted from the performances of Marina Abramovic and Ginko Leaves, through illustration images.

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Dewanto, T. H. (2023). Communication Analysis in the Illustration of "Temptation and Test" Interpretation of Art Performance Rhythm by Marina Abramovic. Kanal: Jurnal Ilmu Komunikasi, 11(2), 68-75.
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